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Who are we ?

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Hunt The Night is a French neon brand that was born in July 2020.

We offer high quality neon signs that are built to last at rock bottom prices. 

Why did we choose LED neon lights rather than traditional neon lights?nnels? 

- They are much more durable, produce brighter light and have a better lifespan.

- They are more respectful of the environment because they use much less energy to operate and are more durable (6 to 10 years).

- They won't break if dropped and are safe to the touch as they don't produce massive heat like traditional glass neon lights.

Our neon lights are designed in France before being manufactured internationally using engraving, UV printing and silicone extraction machines.

We focus on producing the best products at the best price for our customers.

Hunt The Night currently only exists through the internet, but we are planning to open a shop in the heart of Paris! 

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